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Toyota Vitz 2000

Pics of Toyota Vitz
Toyota Vitz 2000
Toyota Vitz 2000
Toyota Vitz 2000
Toyota Vitz 2000
Toyota Vitz 2000
Toyota Vitz 2000
Toyota Vitz 2000
Toyota Vitz 2000
Toyota Vitz 2000
Toyota Vitz 2000
Toyota Vitz 2000
Toyota Vitz 2000
The Toyota Vitz, Toyota Ractis, and Toyota Belta are the current models of a small subcompact car in Japan launched by Toyota Motor Corporation in 1999. Vitz is the name used in Japan for 3- and 5-door hatchbacks, Belta for sedans and Ractis for a small, now obselete minivan. In Europe is sold as Toyota Yaris, the same in Central America and South America. For North America, Toyota renamed the car as ECHO until mid-2006, when will be replaced with the new model of Belta, and will be named the same as Europe and the other part of The Americas, Yaris.The Yaris went on sale in Europe early in 1999. The Toyota Platz was sold in North America first in 2000 under the name of ECHO and available only as sedan with 2 or 4 doors. However, after the design of the European Yaris hatchback was slightly refreshed in February 2003, its slightly modified version went on sale in Canada for the 2004 model year as the ECHO Hatchback, but was not sold in the United States. The Yaris was voted European Car of the Year for 2000.

Grades produced from 2000 (august)

Choose a grade:

# GradePrice
DriveTransFuelDisplacement, litres Engine modelFrameComparsion list
1 B 845 FF MT G 1.01SZ-FETA-SCP10-AGMDK Add
2 B 885 FF MT G 1.01SZ-FETA-SCP10-AHMDK Add
3 B 920 FF AT G 1.01SZ-FETA-SCP10-AGPDK Add
4 F 928 FF MT G 1.01SZ-FETA-SCP10-AGMNK Add
5 B 960 FF AT G 1.01SZ-FETA-SCP10-AHPDK Add
6 F 980 FF MT G 1.01SZ-FETA-SCP10-AHMNK Add
7 F D package 988 FF MT G 1.01SZ-FETA-SCP10-AGMNK(D) Add
8 F 1003 FF AT G 1.01SZ-FETA-SCP10-AGPNK Add
9 F D package 1040 FF MT G 1.01SZ-FETA-SCP10-AHMNK(D) Add
10 F 1055 FF AT G 1.01SZ-FETA-SCP10-AHPNK Add
11 F D package 1063 FF AT G 1.01SZ-FETA-SCP10-AGPNK(D) Add
12 F D package 1115 FF AT G 1.01SZ-FETA-SCP10-AHPNK(D) Add
13 F 1143 4WD MT G 1.32NZ-FETA-NCP15-AGMNK Add
14 U 1153 FF MT G 1.01SZ-FETA-SCP10-AGMEK Add
15 F 1195 4WD MT G 1.32NZ-FETA-NCP15-AHMNK Add
16 F D package 1203 4WD MT G 1.32NZ-FETA-NCP15-AGMNK(D) Add
17 U 1205 FF MT G 1.01SZ-FETA-SCP10-AHMEK Add
18 F 1218 4WD AT G 1.32NZ-FETA-NCP15-AGPNK Add
19 U 1228 FF AT G 1.01SZ-FETA-SCP10-AGPEK Add
20 Clavia 1253 FF MT G 1.32NZ-FETA-NCP10-AGMGK Add
21 F D package 1255 4WD MT G 1.32NZ-FETA-NCP15-AHMNK(D) Add
22 F 1270 4WD AT G 1.32NZ-FETA-NCP15-AHPNK Add
23 F D package 1278 4WD AT G 1.32NZ-FETA-NCP15-AGPNK(D) Add
24 U 1280 FF AT G 1.01SZ-FETA-SCP10-AHPEK Add
25 U European Sport edition 1288 FF MT G 1.32NZ-FETA-NCP10-AGMEK(Z) Add
26 Clavia 1305 FF MT G 1.32NZ-FETA-NCP10-AHMGK Add
27 Clavia 1328 FF AT G 1.32NZ-FETA-NCP10-AGPGK Add
28 F D package 1330 4WD AT G 1.32NZ-FETA-NCP15-AHPNK(D) Add
29 U European Sport edition 1340 FF MT G 1.32NZ-FETA-NCP10-AHMEK(Z) Add
30 U 1348 4WD MT G 1.32NZ-FETA-NCP15-AGMEK Add
31 U European Sport edition 1363 FF AT G 1.32NZ-FETA-NCP10-AGPEK(Z) Add
32 Clavia 1380 FF AT G 1.32NZ-FETA-NCP10-AHPGK Add
33 U 1400 4WD MT G 1.32NZ-FETA-NCP15-AHMEK Add
34 Clavia 1413 4WD MT G 1.32NZ-FETA-NCP15-AGMGK Add
35 U European Sport edition 1415 FF AT G 1.32NZ-FETA-NCP10-AHPEK(Z) Add
36 U 1423 4WD AT G 1.32NZ-FETA-NCP15-AGPEK Add
37 Clavia 1465 4WD MT G 1.32NZ-FETA-NCP15-AHMGK Add
38 U 1475 4WD AT G 1.32NZ-FETA-NCP15-AHPEK Add
39 Clavia 1488 4WD AT G 1.32NZ-FETA-NCP15-AGPGK Add
40 Clavia 1540 4WD AT G 1.32NZ-FETA-NCP15-AHPGK Add
Comparsion list

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