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Toyota Mark II

Body type: Sedan.

The Toyota Mark II is a model name used by Toyota for several decades. The first Mark II, called the Toyota Corona Mark II was an upscale version of the Toyota Corona sedan sold by Toyota. By the 1970s, the Mark II used a separate platform from the plain Corona and was much larger. Once the platform was separated, the car became known simply as the Toyota Mark II. Several generations of the Mark II was sold overseas under the name Toyota Cressida, which was Toyota's flagship offering in the US. An enlarged Mark II was the starting point for a new US-bound Toyota flagship - the project would evolve on to become an all-new car, the Lexus LS400. The Cressida would soldier on for another few years until the first designed-for-America Toyota Avalon was introduced as Toyota's new US flagship. The latest, 10th Generation Mark II was released in 2004, renamed the Mark X. This redesign is a consciously more sporting effort in an attempt to revive the nameplate.

Pics of Toyota Mark II
Toyota Mark II 2002
Toyota Mark II 1989
Toyota Mark II 2002
Toyota Mark II 1990
Toyota Mark II 2002
Toyota Mark II 1992
Toyota Mark II 2002
Toyota Mark II 1993
Toyota Mark II 2002
Toyota Mark II 1993
Toyota Mark II 2002
Toyota Mark II 1994

Year, monthFramePictures
1980, 60 XEMNS
1984, X71
1988, X81
1989, augustGX81, MX83, SX80, LX80
1990, augustGX81, JZX81, MX83, SX80, LX80
1992, octoberSX90, LX90, GX90, JZX90, JZX91
1993, februarySX80, GX81
1993, octoberSX90, LX90, GX90, JZX90, JZX93, JZX91
1994, septemberSX90, LX90, GX90, JZX90, JZX93, JZX91
1996, septemberLX100, GX100, JZX100, JZX105, JZX101
1998, augustGX100, LX100, GX105, JZX100, JZX105, JZX101
2000, octoberGX110, GX115, JZX110, JZX115
2002, octoberGX110, GX115, JZX110, JZX115

Toyota Mark II cars, all models:
since 1968-1972-1976-1980-1984-1988-1989-1990-1992-1993-1994-1996-1998-2000-2002-2012-2013-2014

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