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Nissan Vanette 1994

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’žIn 1981, a vehicle Nissan Vanette, was introduced. It was exported to most markets as the Datsun C20 van. Later, the name of this vehicle was changed to simply Nissan Vanette. Eventually, this van was replaced by the Mazda Bongo (also known as the E-series), which was sold under an OEM licensing deal as the Vanette. Yet another vehicle, the Nissan Vanette Cargo, was sold under the Vanette name, in Europe as well. This van was based upon the Nissan Serena, and was unrelated to either the Nissan Sunny or the C20 van.

Grades produced from 1994

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# GradePrice
DriveTransFuelDisplacement, litres Engine modelFrameComparsion list
1 2WD 3/6 4 DX 965 G 1.5D5T-SS58VN Add
2 2WD 3/6 4 DX 1022 G 1.5D5T-SS58VN Add
3 2WD 3/6 5 DX 1261 D 2.2R2U-SS58VN Add
4 2WD 2 5 DX 1445 D 2.2R2KB-SS28MN Add
Comparsion list

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