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Honda Beat

Body type: Open.

The Honda Beat is a small two-seat sports car, that fits the Japanese regulations of a keicar. It is a convertible and has a midengine. The production began in May 1991 and finished in February 1996. The design of the car were originated from Pininfarina, who then sold the design plan to Honda and then in turn sold it on MG Rover who then used it to build the MGF, 2- door Cabriolet/Roadster Keicar (K-car), also called keijidosha (light motor vehicle), is a Japanese category of small automobiles, including passenger cars and also vans and pick-up trucks for commercial use.

Pics of Honda Beat
Honda Beat 1993
Honda Beat 1991
Honda Beat 1993
Honda Beat 1993

Year, monthFramePictures
1991, mayPP1
1993, septemberPP1

Honda Beat cars, all models:
since 1991-1993-2012-2013-2014

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